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Provide A Safe Haven For You And Your Family

Your electrical panel distributes power to your entire home, providing you with an essential energy source. Ensuring it is still in proper condition and performing optimally is vital for your safety. An overloaded electrical panel can cause malfunctions and lead to short circuits, power sags and surges, or even cause a fire. 

By replacing your old panel with a new, up-to-code model, you’ll also ensure the safe operation of all your electrical devices. Every appliance in your home, from your dishwasher to your coffee machine, will run properly and efficiently.

Increasing the size of your panel enables you to bring power to previously underutilized spaces in your home. Create a new outdoor living area, turn your basement into an entertainment center, install that hot tub or sauna that you’ve been dreaming of. You don’t have to be limited by your existing electrical panel.

Ion Electrical is here to help you upgrade your electrical system and enhance your home life.

Some of the most popular electrical upgrades are:

Keep Your Home Running Smoothly

If you just recently bought a home or are thinking of updating your current space, it’s probably important to you to make it modern and up to date. Maybe you want elevated tech features such as smart appliances and networks, or a luxury lifestyle space like an outdoor living space with a hot tub and outdoor kitchen.

Either way, if you want to add high-end features like these, you need to make sure that your home has the electrical infrastructure to properly power them.

A panel upgrade will make sure your home is set to maximize the kind of lifestyle you want, deserve, and have been working towards. Get ready to help your home reach its fullest potential!

Keep Your Business Running Smoothly

If you own a commercial space, making sure the electrical infrastructure is up to date is the first step to a productive business. Over time electrical systems become outdated and faulty. Maximize the utility and functionality of your facility by upgrading the panel to allow for additional circuits, dedicated circuits, and the capacity to handle any equipment needed.

The first sign of this may be that the electrical panel can’t power all the devices in your building. You might also notice the breakers tripping when you run a lot of equipment at once.

At Ion Electrical, we want to ensure that your commercial space operates at its optimal productivity. You can count on us to take care of all your commercial electrical needs.

How It Works

Whether your home needs a new generator, customized lighting, or a complete rewire, choose a trustworthy electrician for a professional installation. We’ll make sure to upgrade your electrical system to meet your needs and give your space back as soon as possible.

Get In Touch With Us

Fill out our form and provide as much information about your electrical needs as possible. We’ll use this to learn about your needs and make sure we understand your vision.

We Get To Work

After we discuss all the aspects of your project, we get to work. We’ll repair your existing systems as needed or install new ones that match your needs.

Enjoy Your Improved Home

You now have a home that’s functional and safe in every respect. You and your family can relax and be comfortable in your newly improved space.

Electrical Panel Upgrade Pricing

Our team of master electricians makes sure that your home is up-to-date with high-quality electrical systems. We use our knowledge and experience to provide you with a safe and highly functional living environment.

Base Priced Electrical Panel Upgrade

Basic Electrical Upgrade*


Includes labor and materials to replace your existing panel with a new panel of the same amperage but with more circuit space (up to 200A), install appropriate AFCI and GFCI breakers, and surge protection, as well as obtain an electrical permit, and coordinate all necessary inspections.

Average Priced Electrical Panel Upgrade

Average Electrical Upgrade*


Includes labor and materials to replace your existing panel with a new 200 amp panel, install appropriate AFCI and GFCI breakers, and surge protection.
Installation also includes upgrading the new outdoor electrical power meter box complete with the required remote main breaker, grounding upgrade with the installation of two eight-foot ground rods, and #6AWG ground bonding around the water meter.
All work is to be performed in accordance with NEC regulations. We'll obtain the electrical permit from the town code enforcement office and coordinate the rough and final inspections accordingly. Coordination with Eversource utility activities for power feeder wire upgrade included.

High-End Priced Electrical Panel Upgrade

High-End Electrical Upgrade*


Includes labor and materials to replace your existing panel with a new 400 amp panel with all the services listed in the Average Electrical Upgrade level. This level also includes the installation and programming of a smart panel (SPAN & Leviton), an upgrade from knob & tube/glass fuse panels, circuit separation, installation of additional circuits, and repair of code violations or circuits damaged by water or fire.

*Prices are averages and may change depending on the complexity of your electrical panel upgrade, the total amperage needed, the number of circuits, or any potential issues we might discover. You’ll receive an exact quote for your unique electrical panel upgrade after the in-home consultation.

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